Marina Cafe, Staten Island, NY

I’m Sam Corigliano, co-owner of the Marina Café, located at 154 Mansion Avenue in Staten Island, The Marina Cafe opened in 1980, and we’ll be celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2010. I’ve been a Premium Member of ResturantReaservations.com since January 2007, and I’m very pleased that I joined their site. I get online reservations on a regular basis, and within the first month of service, I recouped my annual membership fee.

I have to admit that at first, I wasn’t sure this online reservation deal would be worth it, since I already had a website, and people could call like they’ve always done to reserve a table. Now - I would not give up RestaurantReservations.com’s services. Marina Café is listed in their online Dining Guide - which makes it easier for people to discover my restaurant - even if they didn’t know about it; my menus, photos, hours, everything a diner wants to know is posted on my restaurant’s Profile. What’s great about the service is that I can make changes to my online information myself, and it is very easy to do (menus, special, hours, and more). RestaurantReservations.com doesn’t nickel and dime me to death, everything that I was told was included for the price was provided.

The system manages my online reservations and immediately sends them to my computer and fax machine. Even if I am closed, my patrons get instant confirmation, a feature they tell me they love. My customers can also include special requests with their online reservations. They may want a table by the water for a first date, a special cake for a birthday party, whatever; I can be very accommodating because I’m never caught by surprise.

I give RestaurantReservations.com 4 Stars – and recommend their services.

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