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July 29, 2008: Online Restaurant Reservations Become More Accessible with Innovative Web Site:
Restaurant Reservations Inc. Unveils Updated Online Presence

STATEN ISLAND, NY- Thousands of hungry diners turn to the Internet daily to reserve tables at their favorite eateries. Like the hotel and airline industries before, the restaurant world is undergoing a major shift in how customers make reservations, but many restaurants unable to pay the hefty fees associated with online reservation systems are losing customers.

Restaurant Reservations ( launched in 2006 as a way for restaurants of every size to offer guests a full range of online services, and recently the company unveiled an updated site with an improved look and user experience. With the new site design, Restaurant Reservations is poised to be a true competitor with other online reservation sites at a price that’s easy to swallow whether you’re a mom and pop café or a national chain and that price is FREE!!!

"The whole user experience has undergone a major change – what it looks like and how people interact with it," says Anthony D’Ambrosio, founder and network engineer for Restaurant Reservations.

To use the site, restaurant diners log on and search for options based on name, location, cuisine, price and time of day. Profiles and photos accompany restaurant listings, and guests can reserve tables that meet their desired criteria in seconds. The site design prominently features venues having promotions or special events, making it useful for caterers and night clubs as well as independent restaurants. The site replaces pen and paper at the host stand and also gives restaurants the ability to build robust databases with information for providing personalized attention to guests.

Reservations are free and can be made 24/7. The website is directly connected to a reservations database system, so search results reflect current availability, and reservations are immediately recorded in the same electronic reservation book used by the restaurant. Want to make a reservation for that little Italian bistro at 2 a.m.? No problem.

Beyond the service to customers, the real difference with Restaurant Reservations is how it is leveling the playing field for all restaurateurs.

"Larger restaurants are paying substantial per month fees for online components and t the smaller, mid-sized restaurants don’t have that kind of budget," D’Ambrosio says. "That’s really the spot where Restaurant Reservations comes in. We have a very competitive price point."

D’Ambrosio, an IT professional with 15 years experience, began developing the concept for the site five years ago. More than a year ago he partnered with Brian DeMarzo, a technology consultant and Web and application developer, also with 15 years experience in the technology field, and the project began to gain momentum. The site is set up to serve restaurants and customers across the United States and Canada.

"Restaurant Reservations has developed into a complete dining guide and booking system," D’Ambrosio says. "We live by our motto-‘we don’t just meet your expectations, we exceed them’. Our goal is to provide diners with convenience and simplicity when searching for a restaurant, and to provide restaurants with an effective yet inexpensive way to promote their business. Here at we serve restaurants hungry diners on a silver platter".

Restaurant Reservations Dot Com Inc. was founded in January 2006.

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