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  • Don’t you feel like there is never enough time in the day?
  • Wish you could have someone do your work for you?
  • We are more than willing to help you take full advantage of all the services we offer!

“We Not Only Want To Meet Your Expectations, We Want To Exceed Them!”

Anthony D’Ambrosio, CEO, Restaurant Reservations Dot Com, Inc.


  • Profile Description:
  • What makes your restaurant so special? What does your business have that others don’t? The description in your profile can be a deciding factor when diners are choosing a restaurant to try. You have to choose just the right words to make that connection. Not feeling confident you have a way with words? No problem! We know what to say when it comes to transforming the essence of your restaurant into delectable prose.

    Profile Authoring (up to 1000 Characters)

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  • Menus:
  • What happens when you don’t have a digital version of your menu? How do you get your menus on our website? We have the solution! Diners like to see what cuisine and beverages you offer and your price range. Transcribing your menu into digital format can be a tricky process - but we can do it for you.

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    Note: Customer will receive both editable file for future changes and PDF version for web.

  • Photo Gallery:
  • What better way showcase your restaurant to diners? You need to show off your attractive and inviting ambiance; included in our one-time setup fee is one free photograph of your restaurant posted on your Profile Page. But how can one picture capture the essence of your restaurant? You should have photographs of not only your main dining area, but also of your special amenities, such as an outside dining area, party room, full service bar - or for sports fans – your large screen HDTV. (Maximum 10 pictures).

    Proof will be provided and a maximum of 10 pictures can be selected and cleaned up

    One of our staff members will be more than happy to take photos for you. We have taken pictures for many restaurants and know a good angle when we see one.

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    Note: Not Available in All Areas, other charges may apply

  • Promotions and Events (Premium Membership Only)
  • This feature can be the real meat and potatoes of your business. As much as diners love to save money, they also look for exciting events to entertain them during their afternoons or evenings out. Publicizing your Promotions and Events is a must when it comes to driving your business. Included in our initial set-up fee, we will post 1-3 Promotions and Events for you on your RestaurantReservations.com site. However, only 3 postings may seem inadequate to you - and we agree. All you have to do is tell us how many Promotions and Events you want, provide us with the material, and we will post them for you. Of course you can do it yourself, but do you have the time?

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    Featured Restaurant Section (Premium Membership Only)

  • Being listed in our Dining Guide is one way to gain exposure - but we have even more ways to gain exposure - with our “Featured Restaurant Section.” Throughout www.RestaurantReservations.com website, there are side bars that showcase Featured Restaurants, or in other words the “Crème de la Crème.” Having the spotlight in this section will give you maximum exposure on our site, and broaden your visibility to all those hungry diners on the prowl!
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  • Domain Name
  • How will you promote your listing on RestaurantReservations.com? By registering a Domain Name, it is that much easier. For example, if your restaurants name is Trattoria Romantica, you can register the domain name “TrattoriaRomantica.com” By doing so, you’re interested customers can visit that web address and be immediately linked to your Profile Page on RestaurantReservations.com. You can also print your Domain Name on business cards, menus or any other advertising media so that people can view your Profile, menus and other promotional information online.

    Adminstration Charge for phycilitating registration and setup of Domain Name

    Contact us for pricing

    Plus ICANN Registration - estimated at $10/year for “.com”

    Other domain names are priced accordingly and can be viewed at www.UASYSDomainRegistry.com

  • Training:
  • Included in our setup fee is a One (1) hour Training Session, where we will show you how to use the RestaurantReservations.com website and how to update or add content. Our website was designed to be user friendly, but if you would like us to provide additional training for new or current staff we certainly will do so. (Certain restrictions apply)

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  • Support:
  • RestaurantReservations.com has an online FAQ’s Section that you can browse to get answers to most of the common questions that may arise during use of the site. If you cannot find the answer you need there, you can email us with your question, directly via links on our website, as follows:

    Contact Numbers:

    Sales: (718) 874-2490

    Fax: (480) 287-8525

    Email Contacts:

    General Information: Info@RestaurantReservations.com

    Technical Support (User): UserSupport@RestaurantReservations.com

    Technical Support (Restaurant): ClientSupport@RestaurantReservations.com

    Sales: Sales@RestaurantReservations.com

    If you need technical support about software or hardware issues for other services or products we can help. Contact us via email and we will refer you to an appropriate technical support provider.

    Technical Support Rate ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. $175 (Per Hour)

    Technical Support Rate Service Contract ………………………………………………………. $125 (Per Hour)